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So it’s simple, we’re just a geeky bunch having fun creating content and making noise about what we think is great and what we think is meh…. so if you love having fun and are looking for the next nerdy showdown, you just found your crew!!!




DARK XANDER| CG artist and graphic designer

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Lord Xander is a master at his craft,
all he needs is a workshop to make 
your dreams a reality! His other
talents include graphic design and 
app development!


TESSY301 | Writer and Otaku (S CLASS)


Don't say we didn't warn you, 
a true mage this one is!
When he's not talking about anime 
he is locked away in the highest tower 
of the citadel, scouring the texts and
adding to his already broad knowledge base, 
challenge him at your own peril! If you're
also up for a game of borderlands get in
touch, he can't stop talking about that too!


LASERKW|Writer, music lover, all-round geek

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-01 at 9.33.55 PM

A fascinating mind in every sense of the word, 
when he's not locked away working on
the next big thing, you will find him
deliberating life and thinking the
thoughts Socrates thought a few 
thousand years before him. An eager learner
 and bold innovator, this multi talented
madman will leave you doubting your own sanity 
after a few rounds of intellectual discourse!

MisterKofi| Writer


Just another geek who really loves his comics. 
A bit too much!




We could never forget the numerous contributors who offer up their help when ever they can, too many to count in fact, but it’s always fun to meet like minds and fresh talent, if you’ve got any dope ideas do get in touch when you can!

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