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Demon Slayer’s anime adaptation was one of the surprise hits of 2019. This caused it to gain a lot of fame both in Japan and all across the world.

As a big fan of the series I understand that a lot of people have asked and are still asking ” What is the strongest breathing technique? “. I’m here to answer that question, as well as give you guys tangible reasons as to why the aforementioned breathing technique is considered the strongest.



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Credit: Ufotable

Now while many may not know this, it is a known fact that sun breathing was the first breathing style ever and and is known as “The Original Breath”. This is because all other breathing styles are derived from it.

It is also because the first demon slayer always tweaked the technique when teaching it to others as nobody could handle the strain that it puts on the body. It is therefore seen as incredibly hard to master due to this limitation.

It is highly speculated that the ” Dance of the Fire God ” technique used by Kamado Tanjiro is the same as the original sun breathing technique due to the similarities they share. While it hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, I will be writing based on the opinion that they are indeed one and the same.


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As stated above, all other breathing styles are derived from the breath of the sun. This means that a breath of the sun user can theoretically replicate traits that are common to other breathing styles.

This theory is proven in chapter 125, when Tanjiro tries to replicate Zenitsu’s ” Thunderclap and Flash ” by focusing all his energy into his legs (Which Zenitsu explains is the core of Thunder breathing), thereby creating a skill he labels “Waltz Flash”.

It is Tanjiro also performed a similar feat in chapter 90 when he combined both water breathing and the dance of the fire god breathing techniques in order to save one of Uzui’s wives from an upper moon.



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Credit: Ufotable

The sun breathing style is incredibly powerful. It makes sense that such an incredible breathing style is hard for normal people to learn as it is possibly the most demanding breathing technique out there.

As strong as the technique is, it requires an equally strong and sturdy body to be mastered. This is proven by the fact that even after mastering “Total concentration constant” and undergoing an insane amount of strength training, Tanjiro is still unable to use the technique to its full potential, or keep using it for as long as he can use water breathing despite his incredibly high strength and stamina.

As it is the strongest technique, it is also possibly the hardest to master.


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Credit: Ufotable

As stated earlier, this breathing technique is um….. godly😉? Although it is quite demanding, the technique power more than makes up for the cost as it explosively boosts all the user’s stats.

Proof of this can be seen in episode 19 of the anime or chapter 40 of the manga where an exhausted, battered Tanjiro is able to push back Rui who is one of the Lower moons. For that little amount of time that Tanjiro used the technique, he was able to overpower a lower moon.

Let me state again that this was while he was weakened, and he did suffer a huge backlash for using it with such a weak body. Well, I guess it was a risk = reward situation but it did prove without a doubt that the sun breathing technique is able to give its user an absurd amount of strength.

These are my views on why the Sun breathing / Dance of the fire god technique is without a doubt the strongest breathing style in Demon Slayer. What do you think?

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