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So it’s no secret that Africans have been in the comic game for sometime now. Nigeria been a major player when it comes to African comics, so at this point there is no excuse! These are 4 Nigerian comic characters you must know by now!



Though I’m personally not a fan, From the minds at Comic Republic, Guardian prime is by far one of the most popular Nigerian comic characters out there. He has managed to capture considerable attention despite his generic nature. In the end no matter what he is an important figure to African comics in general, thus securing his place on this list.



Malika made waves as a comic and shattered boundaries as an animation. Straight from the crew at Youneek studios, this medieval warrior queen has been on a mission to conquer the hearts and minds of all those who have beheld her. If you’ve still not met her, it’s time you were introduced.


strike guard

Previously under the Vortex Banner but now under Spoof comics, Strikeguard is another character who has shaped the course of comics in Nigeria. He does have a few flaws here and there, but his impact within the industry cannot be understated.



Also from youneek studios, Exo has been a big part of African comics. The Exo graphic novels continue to do very well and despite the iron-man vibe he’s got going on it still really does not take away the contribution the character has made to Nigerian comics.

These 4 are undoubtedly going to be remembered as an important part of the industry’s journey and now you know them!


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