Meet Lunella, the smartest person in the marvel universe, that honor used to go to Mr Fantastic, until this nine year old decided she had had enough!

Lunella wants nothing more than to be left alone but the Fantastic four insist on keeping an eye on her. After it’s made apparently clear they are not she snaps at Reed challenging him to a battle of wits.


Reed initially dismisses the idea as frivolous, he’s got nothing to prove after all he’s faced and defeated some of the greatest intellects in the entire universe, but the young Inhuman isn’t having any of that!

At first they take the BANNER B.O.X. A Brain Omnicompetence Examiner designed by Bruce Banner in order to test the world’s super intellects. Reed is astounded when Lunella successfully solves it in a minute while he on the other hand cannot make sense of it after an entire hour.


After dismissing the test as inefficient he proposes his own series of mental exercises but finds himself bested by Moongirl in all of them. In the end though Reed never openly admits it, it is apparent that Lunella is the smartest of the two.

Lunella points out that Reed’s foil might be the fact that he thinks too much, which when you think of it doesn’t seem too far fetched.


As the issue ends she laments on how much she’s learned, how much she’s changed. She declares she’s the smartest there is and boldly announces…”I’m here and I’m not going anywhere”.

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