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It’s not news that the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei has been in a pickle with the US for sometime now and things don’t seem like they are getting better anytime soon.

The US has accused Huawei of enabling China to spy on it through it’s technology, though the Chinese firm has blatantly denied theses allegations it has not stopped the US from taking measures against it.


We will not pretend to understand the intrigues of world politics, after all what happens between US and China is really between US and China but then again the ramifications for the African continent might just be a little unnerving!

Huawei has been the leading producer of smartphones in Africa for sometime now. The mere affordability of their devices coupled with their impressive battery life has made them one of the most popular brands on the continent.

It is still unclear whether any of the allegations made by the US hold merit but supposing they did, goodness that would not be a pretty sight and taking the bugging of the AU headquaters into account one cannot help but get increasingly worried.

Africa on dark networked Earth

That said when it comes down to it a lot of this might be speculation and even if it is not African’s may need to think twice before purchasing Huawei devices. If things are to escalate users might have to deal with the absence of certain key apps including the likes of whatsapp, youtube and google maps but what is most worrying is the possibility that future Huawei products may no longer support android!


In light of recent events and with increasing pressure from the US, the Chinese firm has reported that it has been developing it’s own OS. The firm in South Africa has however maintained that phones currently in stock and on the market will continue to receive android and google updates.



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