No comic would be complete without a few fine ladies gracing it’s pages. Manga and comics have both had their share of bombshells brightening up the scenes we comic lovers have come to love so much and African comics are no exception, today we bring you the hottest babes in African comics


credit: Dc comics

Starting off on our list is DC’s Vixen apart from the fact that she can tap into the Ashe of all living things and basically acquire the powers of any living creature, she’s also quite the beauty.As If we needed any more convincing that costume of hers makes it all the more difficult to argue cementing her spot on this list.


credit: Youneek Studios

Up next is Fury from the youneek Universe, making her debut in the first EXO graphic novel, she has since been quite the purple problem for any adversary she has come across. As any one would agree she’s simply gorgeous and time has shown quite deadly too. Now that’s what I call lethal beauty!


credit: Comic Republic

Moving on we have Avonome, she really is a true African beauty but of course like the rest of the ladies on this list she isn’t just a pretty face, endowed with all sorts of mystical powers she’s also got her own guardian angel to boot!….goodluck brothers, you’re going to need it!


credit: Comic republic

Last but most certainly not least is Ireti, ever ready to put the beatdown on whoever has it coming, it would simply have been criminal to leave her out of this list. Her skill as a warrior is only matched by her beauty and then there’s that wonderful smile of hers. She earns her place on this list with style!



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