Goku is without a doubt one of the most powerful Anime characters to ever exist. Dragon ball super ended not too long ago once again having Goku exceed his previous limits and mastering his Ultra instinct technique.


I believe it’s safe to say that he’s currently more powerful than he has ever been in the history of the franchise….nothing screams that more loudly than that last fight with Jiren…. and it is for this reason that we the guys at RP have put together a list of the top 5 black characters we think will put the beatdown on his ultra instinct ass!



First up on our list is Mosaic. Morris Sackett was a professional basket ball player until he encountered the Inhuman’s terrigen mist. He himself been of inhuman heritage, exposure to the mist altered his physiology which is now primarily composed of some sort of unknown energy. Though espionage is more of his thing and he’s not really much of a heavy hitter he has the queer ability to seize control of the bodies of others, an ability that Goku has encountered in some form when he faced captain Ginyu of the Ginyu 5.


If that encounter is any indicator then Goku really does not have any defense against an attack of this calibre which is why we firmly believe he has the advantage. Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t even have a physical body for Goku to put the hurt on. In the end it really wouldn’t be an impressive fight but Morris is likely to pick up the win.



Abram Adams, a Russian cosmonaut who embarked on a 30 year mission of space exploration. During his mission he and his comrades arrived in a place dubbed “the unknownAfter interacting with the environment he acquired powers of a god.His power allows him to bend time and reality to his very will. This unfortunately for Goku would also not turn out to be a very fair fight, considering the fact that Adams could play ping pong with his molecules I don’t really see how he’s going to pull a win over him but then again that’s just what we think.

3.Blue Marvel


Adam Brashear was a marine prior to developing powers. After been exposed to radiation which made him a stable conduit for anti matter he took to the streets as a superhero. He’s without a doubt one of Marvel’s big guns going toe to toe with the likes of the hulk and Thor. This would be a fight I’m sure even Goku would enjoy and it’s one I would definitely like to see.




Coming in at number 3 is Icon. One of the heavy hitters in the DC universe, Icon over the years has proven himself a force to reckoned with. He has even held his own against the likes of superman, fighting him to a standstill at one point in time. Goku will definitely have his hands full with this one and it will be a fight for the ages.



 Coming in at number one is no other than Al Simmons …the hell spawn himself. A former agent for the central intelligence agency Al was murdered during a mission. Upon arriving in the fiery pits of hell he strikes a deal with the being called Malebolgia and returns to earth as a Hellspawn. He would go on to fight the forces of Heaven and Hell defeating and eradicating their armies at a certain point. This will most certainly be a fight worth the buck and if Goku does stand a chance of any sort I would really like to see how he pulls the win.


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