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It has been barely a few weeks since the second edition of  Ghana’s Nerdcon took place.This years event went down at the Kempinski Hotel in Ghana’s capital city Accra.


As expected the much anticipated event proved to be a success managing to draw a modest but noteworthy crowd. Comic book, anime and gaming fans had a most entertaining experience.


Numerous cosplayers dazzled fans as others took the opportunity to rock the various game consoles at the scene. Throughout the two day period there were numerous panels held on various topics ranging from game dev to K-pop.


The various startups invested in the industry didn’t miss the chance to cash in and display.  Nerdneeds took the liberty of selling various pop cultural merch at the scene and I reckon they made their sales  but the best part of it was undoubtedly the little joyful moments captured by participants at the con.


It was nothing too grand but it was certainly fantastic as numerous fans would testify. The sensation of been among fellow geeks and the joy found in making new friends and finding new awesomely amazing people, that was the greatest gift Nerdcon 2017 had to offer and in the end after all was said and done what more could we ask for?



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  1. Sitting here in Cape Town – really cool to find an African ‘nerd’ blog! It would be great if I could get in contact with you guys, please send me an email to the one attached to this user account. Thanks and keep it up!

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