After a rather pronounced silence comic republic have returned for another season and marking their return is their most recent release. The second issue of Beatz as expected of the republic is a manifestation of art at it’s very best. It boasts magnificent colors and the story paces rather nicely.


When I read the first issue I was rather hesitant to make any comments. The plot was quite typical and followed the stereotypical superhero trope, but I find that after a rather mundane first issue #2 has a certain modest appeal to it. The story as expected of the republic does not necessarily attempt to go beyond the normal everyday super hero story but it does focus more on the personality of the protagonist Sose and his life outside the costume .


This allows for genuine character development, allowing the reader to emotionally invest into him and finally making it possible for us to relate to him . Though in the end it did progress to a rather prototypical bank robbery scene ,it still maintained the edge of allowing us to read more into Sose’s motivations which is basically his hate for bullies. Above all events progressed in an organic fashion and did not necessarily feel forced as in most cases!


Comic Republic spare no effort to solidify their shared continuity and Beatz #2 follows suit.In the very end Beatz is a typical comic book and it screams that fact shamelessly. That essentially means it isn’t something we have not seen before but it is still definitely worth the read!



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